Zestimonials & Show Images

What Others Have Said:

“Having studied with masters in the arts, what differentiates Lisa from others is her knowledge of her subjects and the amount of study she puts into each piece of art she approaches. Her love of nature – what is real – combined with the rhythm of mola design is simply genius. Complexity translates to simplicity which spins into wonder. Lisa is a modern master.
Hope Carr www.hopecarrart.com

MUSEO CANCEBI Lisa Brunetti 01

Lisa can do anything! She was recently described by a mutual friend as “Magical.” That is the word that sums her up; Lisa can do anything!”  – Westley Owens, designer, Greenville, MS

P1540965 prensa july 05 series de mola

Lisa has a social vision infusing compassion, creativity and art that transcends throughout all generations and cultures.   –  Miguel Rendon/CEO ESCoffee – Guayaquil

00 02 mola series thumbs 02

“Lisa is not just a great artist, but also a great teacher.” Barbara Seibel, Republic of Panama

P1550319 mola series portoviejo

“Holy Smoke. I am so overwhelmed and proud of Lisa’s new style that my fingers refuse to type.”   – Aubrey Lester – Virginia and Costa Rica


“Lisa is more than a talented writer and artist. She has a keen eye for the beauty in everything and a way of making the folks that she meets along the way feel that the world is a better place because she is moving about with her sketch pad, camera and brushes and endless supply of good music… Just knowing that Lisa is alive and out in her sweet way touching people of every level makes the world a better place. She is truly a goodwill ambassador of the first order. She is a good listener, a patient soul and always seems to make lemonade with life gives her a lemon. Her life quest is to see every sunset, smell every flower and meet every soul on the streets she travels.”  –  Dan Wise, publisher Costa Rica Outdoors, owner Rio Colorado Tarpon Lodge

Van Gogh Ceibo – Acrylic


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