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Does Anybody Have a Pen?

Thanks for stopping by!   Please include your country!   Gracias, Z

jim cullinan   —  http://Itzaresort.com
Comment: great paintings as always LIsa. Love the colors! In the process of turning our lodge lobby into a mission showpc and with your permission we are going to make an area of info for our esteemed artist, as thats always THE first question I am asked.

Thanks, Jim!   I’m glad that your guests are enjoying the art.  Let me know if/when I should send some info.   I’ll definitely try to get a poster from the show sent your way.  Siempre, Z



41 thoughts on “Z GUEST BOOK -Please Sign

  1. Lisa sweet Lisa, Good luck with the show. Spent a couple of months in San Pedro baking Pirate Girl Treats. Enjoyed going out to long caye a few times as well. Your art and smile linger in my mind. I’m happy to see you’re well and painting. Big Hugs dream girl

    • Deb! How great to hear from you! Your smile glows across cyberspace and brightens my evening! Some of those wonderful Pirate Girl Brownies would be heaven right now! All’s going great here! Thanks for stopping by! Siempre, Z

  2. Hey baby sis, See you’re still doing great work!! Wish I were there to see you and your work & get a tour of your piece of Heaven. Miss you & think of you often! Steve is dying to meet you! Love you, Pat

    • Thanks so much for the good-morning smile in the inbox! I wish that you could see/experience the life here as well. Maybe one of these days you’ll find your way here! Tell Steve, “Hello,” as well. I look forward to meeting him as well! Love, Lees

  3. What wonderful paintings and what a large space you have to fill. Best of luck on your show – your work is so happy!

  4. Lisa, Seeing these paintings makes me miss you even more. With each new painting you do you make me smile. They are so fresh, beautiful, colorful, unique and they are you. Break a leg sweetie. I can’t wait to hear all about it in person.

    • Thank you Marie! I am glad they make you smile.. Every so often I will do something that’s “Totally Lisa” and I immediately hear your laughter. You would also quietly sidestep around my painting fog and lovingly put your most-recent culinary masterpiece in my refrigerator and remind me that I should stop to eat!!! (This week I would have handed you a paintbrush and said, ‘Help me put black paint on these frames!’ – Thanks for being one of my greatest cheerleaders in all that I do. You are here in spirit! Z

  5. So awsome Lisa!!! Great art by an even better person….. The world is a better place because of you!!!

    • Thanks, Chris! I’ve been too focused on painting to do much of anything else for months, but I know if you were still my neighbor, you’d be helping paint black on the frames or white on the mats or would show up at ten in the evening and say, ‘Alright Brunetti. It’s time you take a break.” Of course you would have a margarita in one hand and a guitar in the other, and of course i would enjoy the margarita while you shared your latest blues tunes. I hope all’s going well in Florida, and I’m sure you’ll find your way to Ecuador one day. Thanks so much for visiting the ‘show’ and for signing the guest book! Siempre, Lees

  6. I love how you duplicate the look of the cloth in your paintings. I have always loved the look of a Mola – and now you have showed how that style can transcend the usual fabric medium.


    • Thank you! This series is such a change from my usual work, and I love combining my love for the colorful molas (and their history) with my love for nature and ancient designs. Gracias! Z

    • Amiga! Thank you – and your family – for your tireless support and interest in my life! I look forward to seeing you very soon!

      (I just enjoyed looking at your website.. the porch swings look so tempting! Everything is gorgeous!) z

  7. From one loco artist to another love it! Great work Lis! I miss you too.

    btw I am painting again and I have the passion back.

    Now on another important note hows the stripes coming along in your new hood? heehee

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Pam & I are driving up to Manta from Olon’ for your opening. Can’t wait to see the entire collection. We love the MOLA series. We will see you Friday night.
    Doug & Pam Gould

  9. Lisa,
    It was nice to have met you in Crucita. I am now back in Virginia & it’s just as hot here as on the beach this week. Thanks for inviting me to go out to dinner with all of you, Doyle and his wife.
    Tell them and Raul I said hello. I’ll now check out your art on line.
    Good luck with your show.

    • Hey!
      Thanks so much for your comment,and I will be sure to pass on your regards to everyone. Doyle and Elvira left a few days ago for Cuenca, and we will continue to stay in touch.

      The watercolors are all hanging in their temporary home in the Portoviejo museum as of 4 this afternoon. We’ll finish hanging the rest tomorrow.

      Have a great fourth of July, but it looks like you returned to a horrific aftermath from the storms. Hope your adjustment back in the ‘states goes well! Z

  10. Hi Lisa, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Bahia recently. Itt was fun getting to know you better at Amistad and the evening at John and Mary’s. Keep up the good work. Jan

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