Each day brings new decisions:

Do I paint or:

…or do I work on a new post for the blog?

…or do I go to town and nag the carpenters to see if they’ve made the frames? (Did that yesterday.. the standard reply is a shrug with the words, ‘no hay… manana.’  🙂   (One HAS to keep a sense of humor!) I gleaned some great late-afternoon shots, and a great exchange with some locals, so the trip was a good one)

… or do I measure each painting (inches and centimeters) for the Master List?

….or do I rephotograph the camera-shy paintings?   Do I paint, or do I sand the windows for the mats?

… or do I try to figure out how someone hacked into my WordPress account and deleted some of the posts?  Do I paint, or do I WRITE about that nightmare? (Post coming soon. * See  “Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause” )

Do I paint, or do I roll paint on the mats and then add details — or do I stop and watch the birds on the river? (Ahhh!)   — or do I put wires on the backs of paintings or work on certificates of authenticity?

Do I paint or attempt better photographs of the paintings? (Where are my talented WP photographer friends when I need them?!!!!)

Galleries earn every penny, though I have enjoyed the challenge of preparing for this show.   For now, here is a peek at some of the paintings.

Enjoy,  Z