Museo Cancebi Exhibition 18/Mayo/2012 – 1/Junio/2012


A Fusion of Contemporary &Antgua Art

Opening Reception 18 May 2012 7:00 P.M. (19:00)
Museo Cancebi – Manta, Ecuador — Avenida 2 y Calle 9 (Frente al Palacio de Justicia)
(05) 2624411

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5 thoughts on “Museo Cancebi Exhibition 18/Mayo/2012 – 1/Junio/2012

  1. Hi Lisa, I have been admiring your beautiful art work – such brilliant colours and strong designs. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the various creatures – the butterflies, koi, lizards and frogs. I see you have drawn on a particularly strong local tradition.

    • thank you so much, carla! otto is an amazing gift! his images are amazing, and his natural teaching ability blends well with his tireless support of other’s work.
      si, i am glad to be reunited with color! most people say that my paintings “smile at you and make you smile back!”
      thanks again!

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